journey of the reconcilers

Merging Portals © 2021 F. K. Ontario

In late ’80s I was making experimental films and videos. One such fictional video was done by a group of friends from improvisational acting classes about emotional intimacy.

The take-away from this piece as the director taught me about relationships. In shooting scenes between two actors I found that when…

this gentle presence

Photo by Mitchell Luo from Pexels

a journey of reclamation

“You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone”. Joni Mitchell, Big Yellow Taxi

And similarly, since I left my body at 4 years and at age 68 my physical presence returned or re-emerged…

As a result of both a grief process, now in the 10th month, and daily inner…

finding my soul

Photo by Ryan W on Unsplash

The Trees are my friends who speak in a language (not English, nor a human language) that is too slow for us fast moving humans to perceive. It’s more than likely that we have all had opportunities and may have felt the presence of trees.

reconnecting with the sacred inside…

Garden Of Delights Restaurant a Community of Love and Food

crude drawing and collage by the author

Shepherds of De Light

From 1975 to mid-1976, I had one of the best part-time jobs of my life, if you could even call it a job. It combined two of my favorite past-times: driving and having fun.

Also, the best bosses — though I would hardly call them bosses. They were more like…

Frank Ontario

Examining “seeing” & feeling expansive perspectives in the rainbow arc of life. Seeker of truth, healer, interdimensional traveler & author.

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