journey of the reconcilers

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In late ’80s I was making experimental films and videos. One such fictional video was done by a group of friends from improvisational acting classes about emotional intimacy.

The take-away from this piece as the director taught me about relationships. In shooting scenes between two actors I found that when…

finding my soul

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The Trees are my friends who speak in a language (not English, nor a human language) that is too slow for us fast moving humans to perceive. It’s more than likely that we have all had opportunities and may have felt the presence of trees.

reconnecting with the sacred inside…

Is tech destroying our ability to remember what it means to be human?

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Almost a year ago, I bought a smartphone. I use it the same way I used to use my dumbphone — infrequently. It’s bad enough that I have an iPad. People are more interested in “removed communication” via smartphones than they are in person-to-person communication. This is one reason I…

Test Everything: Three Ideas that Remove Us Humans (Me Included) from the Present Moment


Are Hope, Belief, and Faith fear’s bad-actors designed to trick us and plug us back into illusion?

Maybe. Or maybe it’s just what we’ve got.

When I learn to recognize and live with them, discovering their illusions is useful in the quest for awakening to consciousness.

Let’s peel back another…

An Exercise for Chakra Protection — Part 2: The Upper Chakras +

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The Upper Chakras 5–9

5. Heart — Love
6. Thymic — Self-Will/Higher Will
7. Throat — Communication/Assimilation
8. 3rd Eye — Thought, High Thought, “Seeing” ESP
9. Crown — Gateway to Spirit

For more on the Nine Chakras see:

For Part 1: The Lower Chakras:

Chakra Protection

To Begin:

After your morning meditation or before you leave your…

There are bazillions of ways to get there from here — I prefer the direct and…

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This is an inspirational prompt from Rebecca Romanelli, who has had an uncanny effect on me. (A muse? Perhaps?) She has distilled some of my experiences into words that have set me on fire with excitement and assisted me in fueling my journey forward through quantum leaps. Thanks, Rebecca.


Frank Ontario

Examining “seeing” & feeling expansive perspectives in the rainbow arc of life. Seeker of truth, healer, interdimensional traveler & author.

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