A New Game within a Cut-Throat Context

from Wikipedia — see link below
  1. I play cooperatively. Meaning, I want to prolong the game to make it more exciting up until the end. There are 3 players: my primary self; my secondary or other self; and the program (which plays favorites as observed - did I mention that already?).
  2. When I find myself straying into “I want to beat the crap out of my opponent” I take in a breath and give the other a break –
  3. Playing cooperatively lowers blood pressure and seeks to find continuous play more rewarding than “beating the opponent”. Cooperative play is successful when I become confused as to who I am rooting for and fall into laughter or a delight in playing (or blame my confusion on the 100 degrees plus Fahrenheit heat permeating my house this summer despite the a/c).
  4. Playing cooperatively is a challenge because the tendency to slip into an adversarial bad-guy stance is so easy (guy or patriarchal guy brainwashing in-effect here). Observing this is a good way to know the nuances of attachment and how to release them.
  1. Backgammon-History
  2. I absolutely love this book — my favorite non-fiction book of all time — available for free as a pdf Finite_and_Infinite_Games



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Frank Ontario

I am a messenger from the realms of mystery. An eclectic, empathetic, polymath seeks oneness in all & a dash of humor. Magus Waves.