Jesus and I are Good Friends


When I was younger (in my teens) I received many pictures / visions of how life is meant to be. I came to believe that I came from the future to assist others if they wanted help to attain a kind of heaven on earth. Sharing those visions wasn’t enough. I needed to participate in them along with millions of others to assist the manifestation of the world to come. So far I have dedicated my life to:

  1. Being a good householder — acting responsibly in daily life with others

Meeting and talking with Jesus in my Head

When I was 4 years old I asked to Jesus Christ to help me. He did. We became friends. After a time, I thought I was to become a priest so I could be closer to him. At church around age 12 (I was raised Catholic) I asked where Jesus was that day, assuming he was somewhere in spirit inside the church. He said he was outside. Every time I asked he answered that he was outside — in nature.

Jesus told me that he didn’t belong to any church. “Follow your heart. Follow love,” he told me. Jesus is one of the teachers that comes to me so that I may help others and work on being present.



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Frank Ontario

I am a messenger from the realms of mystery. An eclectic, empathetic, polymath seeks oneness in all & a dash of humor. Magus Waves.