The Other Reason for the Drop in COVID-19 Cases

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Guessing at the causes of the Drops in COVID-19 Cases:

The Atlantic Magazine gives some possible reasons why pandemic numbers are decreasing:

1. Behavior: Maybe Americans finally got the hang of this mask and social-distancing thing.

“If I were ranking explanations for the decline in COVID-19, behavior would be №1,” says Ali Mokdad, a global-health professor at the University of Washington, in Seattle. “If you look at mobility data the week after Thanksgiving and Christmas, activity went down.”

2. Seasonality: The coronavirus was perhaps destined to decline this time of year.

“Many viruses fare best in cold and dry conditions; they’re not well designed to thrive in warmer, sunnier, and more humid outdoor areas.”

3. Partial immunity: Is the virus running out of bodies?

Fifteen to 30 percent of American adults have already been infected with COVID-19, according to CDC estimates. Since people recovering from COVID-19 typically develop lasting immunological protection for many months (at least), the number of antibodies swirling around the U.S. population may naturally constrict the original coronavirus’s path forward.

4. Vaccines: The shots work.

The vaccines — especially the synthetic-mRNA vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna — are highly effective at preventing infection. But preventing infection is not all they do. Among those infected, they also reduce symptomatic illness. [1]

A Big Drop in Fear

Since Biden became President and the vaccine roll out begins to fall into place as a plan its highly likely that fear levels that many people will contract the virus have dropped. Hope, even though generated by fear is a signal that many have a renewed sense of faith that the vaccine will be the saving grace.

The result of fear levels being lowered as well as a possible increase in social distancing and masking decreases stress that has put a strain on our immune systems. Many Americans have weakened immune systems at the gate and grow impatient with the length of this extended virus period and have a variety of obstacles to attend to:

1. Obesity

2. Increased Sugar intakes

3. Increased Alcohol Use

4. Binging on TV and Streaming

5. Disrupted Sleep and Sleeplessness

6. Decreased Exercise

7. Depression and Anxiety

8. Delusional Thinking / Conspiracy Theories

9. Continued Opioid Abuse

10. Loss of Work / Income

11. Lack of Food

12. Homelessness

13. Loss of faith and trust in government / leaders

(this may not be a complete list but you get the idea)

Biden relies on experts and has plans in service to people with and without means. Trump while he may have had a plan it appeared to change constantly based on his whim and whether it aligned with him making a profit. Trump was (is) a chaos agent fomenting disruption to advance his own agenda at the expense of many citizens of the USA.

When fear and its co-dependent partner stress are reduced — mainly due to the massive aid package Biden has introduced along with other factors then the number of people getting COVID-19 decreases.

Doesn’t that make sense?

1 —



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