We have given our Immunity to Big Pharma

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What changed?

As a boomer I had the usual array of childhood illnesses (measles, chicken pox, and so on) as many of us experienced. As medicine advanced vaccines developed to help prevent against many childhood diseases including against widespread polio. We all considered this a good thing.

In my 20s and 30s I’ve had 9 flues. I had no flues in my 40s and 50s. At age 64 I had contracted a bad flu and did not get the vaccine in enough time due to the Christmas holidays. I was out of work for 8 weeks. Pharma develops flu shots every year, but I don’t take them. I wonder what’s wrong with my own immunity, is it no longer enough? That may be true for a variety of reasons:

· Increased population

· Poor health of Americans particularly — read: weakened immune systems

· Overly reliant on the AMA and Pharma to provide a fix to whatever ails us

· Deregulation of the Mainstream Media — ads for prescription meds on television

· Deregulation of Industry — development of more medications for more symptoms

· Dietary habits

· An Aging population

· Profit as a primary motivation for selling health

Addiction and Taking Responsibility for Our Health

No. I’m not writing about addiction to opioids, alcohol, methamphetamines or heroin, although these are big problems.

We Americans have a bigger addiction problem and the solutions of Big Pharma, Health Providers and Insurance companies are in part enablers of our addictive patterns due to profit for the most part. Americans in general like popping pills whether that be prescriptions, OTC pills or supplements for aches and pains; and the flu. Some smaller segments of the population have divorced themselves from the Medical Establishment and Big Pharma to pursue alternate health.

The biggest addictions we have as Americans is pursuing an avoidance of — fill-in-the-blank for blind comfort and safety. If we aren’t homeless and work jobs, we pursue comfort through an obsessive-compulsive consumption of:

· Food

· Television and films both through Mainstream Media and Streaming

· Legal stimulants like coffee and energies drinks

· Legal substances — alcohol and marijuana (now legal in many states)

· Buying More stuff

· Excessive Sex (sex addicts)

· Excessive Exercise

· Internet practices

· Excessive cleanliness

Some of these addictions have increased since the COVID19 pandemic hit.

As a result of the change in habits in both the addictions above and as we shun the out-of-doors we have problems with excessive weight — for example, as a result. All of these stresses effect our immunity.

The Answer has been offered and accepted as more symptoms have been presented and /or manufactured by the public and Big Pharma. It’s the snake that eats its own tail on the way to annihilation.

Taking Responsibility and Making Changes

In September of 2019 I was coasting. In November, a close friend intervened and suggested I engage in a grief process for somatic issues related to childhood trauma. I chose it. As a result of that process many miraculous events happened. And there was the hard work of changing my diet and habits especially with the challenges of the pandemic. I adopted a mostly vegan diet and have lost about 70 pounds.

I haven’t had a blood test for T-Cells to see how my immunity is doing, but I am feeling better.

The challenge is — do we reclaim our immunity or go with Big Pharma to do it for us? If we go with Big Pharma and the Predatory Capitalist System of Modern Medicine then don’t we become products of Corporate Medicine instead of patients seeking wellness? A few years back I read a piece about a Bio-Tech company in France that engineered a genetic process to make pregnancy for women easier. The article reported that the company owned the pregnancy process. This is scary, isn’t it?

When will Corporate Medicine stop owning parts of us. This seems like a dehumanizing process that will eventually turn us into slaves?

A worst case scenario built out of a science-fiction dystopia might be, that the poor are so desperate for a better life that lotteries are established. Corporations will take care of you for life allow your seconds, thirds and fourths to participate as well. You’ll know no want. You and your others in your entourage will be rich. The catch is the corporations will use you like they once used rats to experiment on. You will probably die a horrible death filled with pain and suffering but you’ll be serving the common good — for the top 100th of the 1%.

Am I being cynical? Yes. Could a version of this happen? Probably not. There is the climate crisis which puts an abrupt stop to humankind.



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