Why I Hate Lists

1. I love/hate numbered items but not for grocery lists (grocery lists are okay)

2. I like bullet points though as a summary for salient points in an article I may be writing — followed by explanatory text.

3. I dislike Twitter and after a day I cancelled my account because I believe it shrinks the English language as do lists. Isn’t there enough shrinkage in the world?

Don’t categorize me, don’t quantify — ought oh, falling into a Bob Dylan lyric…

Lists (not to starboard — inside pun) seek to put me in a box.

What box? I don’t see any boxes. For years I lived out of them, but now…

I read lists to see if what I think fits or breaks the list reductionistic system.

If lists were really that valuable wouldn’t there be less of them? Based on results I guess not (knot).

I like clouds. I like clouds because even if you found a list inside one mostly likely you wouldn’t be able to read it.

Na. I like clouds because I can dream in the misty mystic realm of metaphorical clouds… Inspiration comes forth as if by magick and lists vanish in the mysterious mists, ah…



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Frank Ontario

Frank Ontario


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